Other Services Menter Business Advisors Limited Offer

specialist-serviceIn addition to the Strategy Development, Business Funding and Accounting Services, Menter Business Advisors Limited also offers a range of specialised services including Business Mentoring, Non-Executive Director Services and Part-Time Financial Director / Manager Services.

Business Mentoring Service.

The responsibilities of CEO and/or proprietor of a small  / medium sized business can be quite daunting. Many feel alone and under a great deal of pressure, especially when margins are being squeezed and there is a general air of uncertainty as there is at present. Menter Management Consulting can offer practical support through its one to one mentoring programme, calling upon a wealth of business experience to offer guidance as well as providing a source of and a sounding board for ideas.

General Business Process Improvement Service

We can offer specialist advice and assistance in "Lean" Implementation, including 5S, identification and reduction/elimination of the 7+1 wastes using tools and techniques from the "Lean Toolbox" as well as Value Stream management and Supply Chain Development - all focused on improving the bottom line and bringing value to the customer.

Non-Executive Director Service

Geoff Thomas, Menter Business Advisors Limited's Managing Director and principal consultant is available for Non-Executive Director positions. He is a Bristol University Psychology graduate. Cardiff Business School MBA (with distinction), Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants and a  Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. He has over 35 years of practical experience in director / senior management positions in a wide range of fields including Installment Credit Finance, the Entertainment Industry, the Gaming Industry, Private Health Care, Manufacturing, Professional Accountancy and Management Consulting. The service offers SMEs a cost effective way of accessing broad business experience and specialist knowledge.

Part-Time Financial Director / Financial Manager Service

As with the Non-Executive Director Service, this service offers the services of an experienced professional to add value and depth to an SME management team. Generally this service tailors the involvement to the needs of the client company. It normally involves a greater time commitment than the Non-Executive Director Service but remains a cost effective option for the smaller SME to access expertise and experience not available in-house.

Other Services

Through established links with other reputable and reliable consultancies, Menter Business Advisors Limited can also offer a range of services relating to Total Quality Management (TQM) and ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification, Occupational Health and Safety as well as guidance on Marketing and Branding.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1 - Cost effective access to the services of an experienced professional to deliver the required knowledge and skills where and when required
  • Benefit 2 - Practical hands-on support and guidance
  • Benefit 3 - Access to a broad range of skills and competences from one source.