Strategy Health Check / Review

Ideally Strategic Reviews should be carried out on a regular basis. Internally this should be done at least every quarter and at least once a year a business should have its strategic direction externally and objectively appraised in order to enusre that profits are being maximised.

The review can cover the whole of the business' operations or a single function such as marketing, internet marketing, market research, funding, supply chain etc., The Strategic Review will include;

  • A detailed M.O.S.T. Analysis to ensure that the four key components of Strategic Planning - Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics are properly aligned. Each components will be individually appraised to ensure that it does the job it should and that the whole hangs together in a cohesive manner,
  • A detailed review of the business' Monitoring and Control procedures to ensure that decision makers are receiving adequate and timely feedback,
  • A detailed S.W.O.T. Analysis to ensure that the business has the resources and expertise to achieve its stated objectives and any opportunities that have been identified as well as combating the external threats that it faces and that these threats have been properly evaluated.
  • Leading from the M.O.S.T. and S.W.O.T. Analyses, a review of the Strategic Options open to the business.

A Strategic Review/Health Check Report will then be presented to management together with our independent strategic advice and recommendations.