Strategic Planning & Implementation

What is strategic planning and how can it help your business grow?

Strategic planning is at the heart of business success, and at the heart of strategic planning lie key tools such as the Strategy Pyramid encompassing M.O.S.T. analysis.   

SMEs encounter a number of pitfalls when they try to tackle strategy and strategic planning internally;

  • Getting distracted by the day-to-day demands of running the business,
  • Failing to adequately define the mission of the business and as a result not getting everyone to "buy into the project"
  • Failing to set SMART objectives that are properly aligned with the mission
  • Missing out on the Strategy stage altogether and floundering around in the dark with a lot of "dead ends"
  • Failing to adequately monitor and control the implementation of the chosen strategies.

In order to ensure the best chance of a successful outcome, this whole process must be properly aligned. Menter Business Advisors Limited can provide the structured, objective overview needed to ensure that the necessary alignment is achieved, in order to move the business forward in an integrated and effective way.

Whatever the size of your business, from start-up to SME, strategic planning support can make the crucial difference, resulting in the effective use of resources, energies being channeled and focused creatively and the achievement of objectives over the long term.

A clear, carefully stepped business strategy invigorates your business, energises your team and signposts the way to achieving your long-term objectives

Contact us now to discuss how Menter Business Advisors Limited can provide the strategic planning assistance to drive your business forward.