What Financial / Accounting services does Menter Business Advisors Limited offer?

accountingMenter Business Advisors Limited provides a comprehensive range of accounting and business services designed to give SME's a tailored package of support and/or direct assistance:

Accounting Services

Management Accounting

We can produce monthly or quarterly management accounts from the business' accounting records and assist management to interpret and use these accounts to best effect.

Annual / Financial Accounts with Report

As registered auditors we can prepare client Annual Statutory Accounts for incorporated clients with or without a complete audit. If no audit is required then we would provide an Accountants Certificate for the client. With both the Management Accounting and Annual / Financial Accounting services we aim to provide our clients with pro-active services with regular contact and suggestions for business refinement and bottom line improvement so that our clients are assured that we are committed to their on-going success and are also always available for advice.

Payroll Bureau Services

For clients who cannot justify the employment of a full time payroll professional we can provide a cost effective alternative through our bureau payroll service on a weekly or monthly basis together with advice on such HR matters as Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks (covering disciplinary procedures, grievance procedures, dismissal etc.).

Taxation & Tax Planning

We can offer clients a range of taxation services, encompassing.

Financial Health Check & Business Performance Analysis

Sound financial control is critical to a business' survival, growth and profitability. Setting annual cash and trading budgets are a vital part of the process, along with regular monitoring of performance against budget and the updating of the budgets. Many SMEs do not have the resources or are too busy with day-to day matters to carry out this procedure thoroughly, if at all. Accurate information is key to senior management/directors being able to take good management decisions. Critical decisions such as investment, employment levels salaries etc., need to be based on accurate and up to date information not on gut feel and instinct. Cash is King, without enough cash in the system, under-performing businesses can go under while even profitable businesses can have their growth restricted.